Greetings, Card Hunter, and welcome to the homepage of the Sorcererers! We’re one of Cardhuntria’s first and foremost PvP guilds, dedicated to courtesy, trying to win, hilarity, and razing the guildhalls of our enemies. We’re not particularly serious, and we have room for all kinds of players and playstyles. We don’t require activity or high ratings of our members, just a love for the game and typos. Here’s our forum thread.

Why the name? Our guild takes its name from one of Card Hunter’s most beloved typos: the sorcerery staff.

We Are A Team: All comrades who participate in a given event or tournament get an even portion of all the prizes won by comrades in that event, assuming the prize in question can be divided.

Can I join? Probably! Shoot CT5 a PM on the Card Hunter forums if you’re interested, or look for him in the Card Hunter world chat. He is always happy to perform an initiation ceremony in our first-rate guildhall (pictured below).

How do I rep the guild? If you’re a Sorcererer, put “[SRC]” at the beginning of your characters’ names. For instance, if your character’s name is “Ieren”, you’d rename her “[SRC] Ieren.” This is not required, but it is nice to see players hoisting our colors.

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