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Attention, Card Hunters!

Sep 16: Card Hunter celebrates its 4th birthday!

Happy birthday Card Hunter! It’s a special weekend, folks. The Loot Fairy will be visiting every single adventure as part of the festivities. If you need a break from the Loot Fairy craze, then check out the Leagues in the … Continue reading

Aug 10: → Aloyzo wants to be useful yet again!

Yeah, what it says on the tin basically! 19th edition of Aloyzo’s Arsenal has finally made an appearance! Click here to open up a thread with current submissions. You have two weeks time to think about a plan for the … Continue reading

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Current Loot Fairy Location: The Sinister Wood (Lvl 10)!

When will the Loot Fairy move next?

The Loot Fairy moves every 25 hours.
Next move times (UTC | Local):

What is the Loot Fairy?

The Loot Fairy goes around to one module per day and enchants that module to produce better loot upon completion. When you beat the last map of an enchanted module, you get two guaranteed rare or better items! The only thing is, we don't know which module has been enchanted, unless someone finds the Loot Fairy and reports its presence. The purpose of this website is to help Loot Fairy Patrollers coordinate and share the Fairy's location with all Card Hunters.

Q: I want to participate in the hunt! How do I report my findings?
A: Unfortunately, due to the magnificent efforts of trolls, I've had to make the site harder to use. Click the patrol button (or this link) to go to the password-protected tracker page. From there you'll be able to report your findings and help pinpoint the Loot Fairy.

Q: How do I know if I've found the Loot Fairy?
A: Oh, you'll know.

Q: Can I get enchanted loot even if it's my first time completing a module?
A: Yes!

Q: Can I get the Loot Fairy while playing with friends?
A: YES! If you find the Loot Fairy while playing co-op, you and your friend(s) will get 2 extra rare or better items in your enchanted chests!

Q: Does the Loot Fairy show up in Treasure Hunts?
A: Yes, but only if you have unlocked the Treasure Hunt in question. If you are playing it via co-op because your team leader has purchased it, but you haven't, you won't find the Loot Fairy.

Q: Does the Loot Fairy improve rewards for Quests (Challenges)?
A: No.

Q: What are the drop rates?
A: Minimum drop is uncommon. There are two guaranteed rare or better items in each Fairy Chest. On average, the Fairy Chests contain roughly .4 epics and .1 legendaries. The Card Hunter Club Reward slot is guaranteed rare, with an approximated 25% chance to upgrade into something rarer. The data that produced these figures can be found here. As we get more data, we'll try to bring you more accurate stats.

Q: There's a bug on this page.
A: Please send Flaxative a PM on the Card Hunter forums, or report it in the Loot Fairy thread.

ModuleLoot Fairy Presence
NameLevel$$$ UnknownCheckingConfirmed
Caverns of the Troglodytes2
The Wizard's Workshop2
Lair of the Trog Wizard3
Highway Robbery3
Ruby Demon Portal4
Dungeon of the Lizard Priest4
Rescue From Shieldhaven Prison5
Slub Gut's Sanctum5
The Defense of Woodhome6
The White Star6
Diamonds of the Kobolds6
Valley of Tezkal7
Forest of Souls7
Beneath the Frozen Earth7
The Throne of Strench7
Melvelous the Magnificent8???
Beneath Tcotzac8
Order of the Core8
The Compass of Xorr8
Lord Stafford's Treasure8
Gladiatorial Arena, Finals9???
Gladiatorial Arena, Qualifiers9???
Crystals of Chronak9
Return to Woodhome9
The Sinister Wood10
Garnet Demon Portal10???
The Viscous Tombs10???
Against the Cockroaches10
Goblins in the Woods11???
Descent to the Core11
The Pools of Slime11???
But A Trifle (Hard)12
Temple of Scales12
Acquire Within (Hard)12
Tree Forts of the Goblin King12???
The Tomb of Tvericus12
Tomb of Savings (Hard)12
Shrine of the Astral Guardians13???
The Jewel of Alet Zhav13???
High Mountain Pass13
Citrine Demon Portal14???
Lord Batford's Manor14
Return to the Astral Shrine14???
Riddle of the Gnome Lords15
Secret of the Gnome Lords15
Attack of the War Monkeys16
Cliffs of the Wyverns16
Temple of Terror16
Into the Black Forest16
Lair of the Yellow Dragon17???
CardStock II Secret Preview17
Dungeon of the Swamp King17
Black Oaken Heart17
The Troll Tyrant18
Secret of the Elder Mind18
Black Plume Mountain18
The Metallic Monstrosity19
Passageways to Death19
The Perilous Garden20
In the Belly of the Beast20
Sanctum of the Cyber Tyrant21
Throne of the Mechanical Men21