Card Hunter celebrates its 4th birthday!

Happy birthday Card Hunter!

It’s a special weekend, folks. The Loot Fairy will be visiting every single adventure as part of the festivities. If you need a break from the Loot Fairy craze, then check out the Leagues in the Multiplayer lobby, which are featuring unique figures as first place prizes!

Happy hunting!

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→ Aloyzo wants to be useful yet again!

Yeah, what it says on the tin basically! 19th edition of Aloyzo’s Arsenal has finally made an appearance! Click here to open up a thread with current submissions. You have two weeks time to think about a plan for the drawback edition!

Yeah, I know. I missed release of Castle Mitternacht SP campaign and a patch to Caverns of Chaos. Suffice to say I wasn’t having the easiest time in the past few months. I’m still in a convoluted spot. Wish me luck it all somehow ends on a positive note and I wish you all to never be in my place.

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→ Feblestian Aloyzo’s Arsenal #18 is out!

I’m packing 3 news into one today, from oldest to newest. First of all, congratulations to Laboratory Mayhem crew for a successful funding on Kickstarter! Congratulations to Fry the Guy for his AA #17 creation, Instant Snowman, officially accepted into the game (and here’s our new encumber staff, yikes). Last, but not least, the Aloyzo’s Arsenal has opened! It’s a blast from the past, because we’re taking on improving some card’s itemization or digging out our old submissions that hadn’t quite gotten a chance to be made a thing.

Click here to start up front the newest Aloyzo’s Arsenal! And, as always, good luck to every participant! May we see amazing new item after this AA ends!

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→ Laboratory Mayhem Kickstarter Live!

Card Hunter’s very own Flaxative, together with friends & other CH players CT5, Vholes, kigamoosh, and Duke Tresnor, is launching a Kickstarter today for LABORATORY MAYHEM, an alchemical strategy LCG. Check it out, back it, and spread the word!

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→ Aloyzo’s Arsenal #17 closing in 2 days!

If ya hadn’t submitted stuff yet, here’s your last chance, I managed to convince Flax to leave it for 2 days just like he intended to do in the first place, yay me. So, ya know, get in and do whatcha do best, fellas!

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→ The ice cold (sic) Aloyzo’s Arsenal #17 is here!

The Aloyzo’s Arsenal #17 has arrived! ‘Tis the season of… Janizza, which is why the theme for this contest is to design an item with a cold-element card in it! Good luck to all of ya and may the best win! Check it all, and more, here.

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→ Aloyzo’s Arsenal #15 Final Round is Open NOW!

Over the course of three polls, the community determined that the wizard Aloyzo should craft a new silver quality card designed for helmets, and that that card should be a Boost, Utility, or both. Now Aloyzo has unveiled six possible forms for this card. Vote for your favorite today!

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→ Aloyzo’s Arsenal #15 Round 3 is here!

The new card will be a utility, boost, or both! Vote on the card’s quality & strength here:

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→ Aloyzo’s Arsenal #15 Round 2 is here!

The new card being designed will be for helmets! Vote on what kind of card it should be: Attack, Assist, etc., here:

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→ Aloyzo’s Arsenal 15 is open… Community Card Design!

This month Blue Manchu is doing something different. There’ll be a series of polls to determine what new card to add to the game in November! Vote here!

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